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The dates for BEd entrance exam in India for B.Ed admissions are coming closer. The application processes have started and for some exams, even admit cards have been released. Now is the time when the candidates must be well prepared for the upcoming exam for their B.Ed admissions. However, some of the candidates fidget through the question of how to prepare well for the B.Ed entrance exams. While there are a lot of preparation tips for other exams such as B.Tech, MBA, etc.; very less information is available on how to prepare for BEd entrance exams.

In this article, we will cover the tips and instructions on how to prepare for B.Ed entrance exams. The article will also discuss the exam pattern for BEd entrance exam to help candidates get familiar with the examination.

About B.Ed

B. Ed is a bachelor program in Education which is pursued by the students who want to build their career as school teachers. The minimum eligibility to pursue B. Ed program is to qualify 12th, diploma or an equivalent level degree. There are various specialisations in B.Ed program which a candidate can opt for as per the preference. The admission to the B.Ed program in India is done on the basis of entrance exams as well as direct admission.

Common Entrance Test (CET) is an entrance test which is conducted in India to help students take admission in various institutes for the B.Ed program. CET is conducted in different states for B.Ed admissions.

List of BEd Entrance Exams 2021

Some of the common entrance exams which are conducted for B.Ed admissions in India are given below:

BEd entrance exam Pattern

Generally, the B.Ed entrance exams consist of 3 sections in the paper. While the first 2 sections are common for all the candidates, the third section depends on the subjects as opted by the candidate. Let us look at the detailed exam pattern for B.Ed entrance exams:

SectionsSubjectsNumber of QuestionsMarks
Section AGeneral English2525
Section BTeaching Aptitude1010
General Knowledge1515
Section CMathematics100100
Physical Sciences100100
Biological Sciences100100
Social Studies100100

Preparation for B.Ed Entrance Exams

Now, let us discuss the preparation tips for B.Ed entrance exams based on the different sections included in the exam pattern.

Section A: General English

This section will comprise of basic English related questions. The various topics which will be included in the section are Articles, Reading Comprehension, Tenses, Correction of Sentences, Preposition, Spelling, Synonyms and Antonyms, Vocabulary, Transformation of sentences including Voices, Direct and Indirect speech, Simple, Complex and Compound sentences.

Preparation Tips for General English Section

  • Read all rules for the topics included above and try to solve questions related to these topics.
  • Try to solve an English quiz every day. You will find plenty of grammar and general English quizzes over the internet.
  • Learn a new word every day. Learn and write the meaning, synonyms and antonyms for the word. This will help you enhance your vocabulary.
  • Try to read an English newspaper daily, this will help you strengthen your sentence transformation.

Section B: Teaching Aptitude and General Knowledge

Teaching Aptitude

For becoming a teacher, the student must possess some aptitude skills such as tackling with students, analytical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, intelligence, etc. This section comprises of assessment of candidates on the basis of teaching aptitude skills and knowledge.

General Knowledge

Through the General Knowledge section, the knowledge of the candidate in terms of general awareness, environment, life science, etc. is evaluated. Apart from that, the knowledge of the students are also assessed on the basis of current affairs, application of science in daily life, history, culture, general policies of the country, geography, economics, and its neighbouring countries.

Preparation Tips for Teaching Aptitude and General Knowledge Section

  • Keep yourself updated with the daily news and happenings around the world. Watch the news for at least one hour every day.
  • Read some of the best general knowledge books.
  • Solve one mock test for teaching aptitude every day over the internet.
  • Solve questions from general teaching aptitude books.

Section C: Subject Wise

This section question will depend on the subject opted by the candidate including Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry), Mathematics, Social Studies (Geography, History, Civics and Economics), and Biological Sciences (Botany and Zoology). The level of the questions will be of graduation level.

For the candidates with subject as English, the questions will be mainly from Grammar, Language functions, Elements of Phonetics, Writing skills, Phrasal Verbs (idioms), Study skills and Reference skills.

Preparation Tips for Subject Wise Section

  • Properly understand the topics included in the syllabus of the subject.
  • Complete all the difficult topics first and keep the easy topics for last.
  • Practice the mock tests and previous years question as much as you can.

Best Books for B.Ed Entrance Exams

Some of the useful books for the preparation of B.Ed entrance exams are:

  • B.Ed. Entrance Exam Guide 01 Edition (Paperback): RPH Editorial Board
  • IGNOU B.Ed. entrance exam guides: GPH Book
  • Teaching Aptitude (with MCQ): RPH Editorial Board

For the complete list of best books, click on the link below –

List of Best Books for B.Ed Entrance Exams 2021

For more entrance exam books click here


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