How to flash hex file in Microcontroller IC?


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Introduction :-

microcontroller programmer or microcontroller burner is a hardware device accompanied with software which is used to transfer the machine language code to the microcontroller/EEPROM from the PC. The compiler converts the code written in languages like assembly, C and machine language code. (which is understandable by the machines/microcontrollers) and stores it in a hex file. To insert that Hex file into microcontroller we have to flash the hex file in microcontroller. and it Is called as microcontroller programming.

Is it necessary to have burner at home or should you flash microcontroller at home?

In order to start with any projects circuits. we have to program/Flash IC with your college you will be provided with burner as well as software for it .but that becomes very dependent and low availability thing. If you are interested on investing 800-900 for burner which can be very time saving thing ,because you can use it at your home and can work for projects at home too.

Preliminary Preparation to flash a microcontroller :-

To program or burn the IC you have to have a burner you buy robocraze 8051 programmer from Amazon

to know how to choose Microcontroller visit here

USB based programmer for most popular, 8051 AVR family of micro controllers. Small size, Self powered and ISP facility makes it very comfortable tool for any developer. and This simple microcontroller programmer can be used for flashing microcontroller like Atmel’ AT89S51, AT89S52,AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253 including the Atmel AVR series of microcontroller and 8051 Microcontroller, but it does not support 89C series .

It simply consists of an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components.

but The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver no special USB controller is needed.

Now you have to download software and drivers of burner from here or you can install using CD which is included with burner.

Once it installed

Actual burning process of flash of microcontroller :-

Open the Willar software and select the microcontroller.

Willar pro software display

after this you should load the .hex file. To get program code in form of hex file you have create hex file using Keil software which supports embedded C as well as assembling language these two are microcontroller programming languages. You can use either of those choice can vary person to person.

How to make .hex file?

to load the hex file you can click on left upper corners option load .

then you will se small window like below.

Now, navigate yourself in that small window to your hex file destination and then select it.

Meanwhile you should connect the programmer with laptop or PC with given USB cable.

How to flash a microcontroller

Click on open and then click on auto.

After clicking auto IC burning will start.

You might get one confirmation box just hit ok and you are done.

Colour of programming light will start blinking and then you will get success messages on feed.

After that message you flashing microcontroller is done.

flashing done.

once it is done you can add circuit IC and can use IC programming into your circuit

this was tutorial on microcontroller flashing.

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