How to Choose Project for MSc Physics?


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If you are doing MSc physics in Mumbai university, you have to make projects for SEM III and SEM IV. These project for MSc Physics It contains 100 marks so i very important to choose your project topic wisely. As we know 85% of MU MSc colleges does not have other electives except Microprocessor and Microcontroller in case o project. So it very obvious that you will need to have good knowledge about microcontroller.

Things that you should always consider before deciding th Project for MSc Physics

  • How many projects you want to do for MSc. You have to present a project for 2 semesters you should decide if you want to work on different projects or same project. Even if decide to work on 1 project you will need to complete the project for SEM III and add an add on thing in SEM IV that is know as long project. If you choose to do two projects for sem III and Sem IV you can choose 2 different projects or even two different types of projects which is know as short projects. Both of the cases has their advantages and disadvantages   
  1. For short project you have to start with zero at start of semester but learning experience will be more and if you consider publishing your project articles you will get two articles instead of one.
  2. Long project is quite straightforward you get first sem to work on basic project and in sem IV add som complications in this case you work for less time can concrete on your studies.
Cost of the project
  • it is very important factor in case of evaluating the project as well as considering a project topic. Because we make projects for change to give idea to human kind that can make someone’s life better or most people life’s better. ( at least we can try) for that that project needs to be affordable. Examiner as about cost of the project and you should have cost which shows efficiency and worth of everything 
Considering Sensors
  • In microcontroller projects sensors are equally important as the microcontroller. Sensors needs to be very well studied before thing about adding them to project. Their characteristic needs to be known by project maker so that they can be properly be used. No need of adding so many sensors to one project unless it is necessary. Adding more sensors leads to complications of your program / codes, increases the probability of errors. Increases probability of insufficient power which causes not working projects. 1 or maximum 2 sensors should be added in  short project. Long project can be done with 3 sensors. Having more sensors also leads To more cost.
Choosing the right partner for project
  • doing team work is hard. We always have some problems with out partners but sometimes bond between us can solve it so consider good friend for project partner who can support you as well as understand you.
Choosing right microcontroller
  • microcontroller based projects means you should have not only good but best knowledge about microcontroller. What your project needs? What is size of your project code? This all Need to be considered before deciding microcontroller for your project.

Special Credits – Mr. Abhishek Dani

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