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   We know in Morden era online studies, E-learning is very common and widely used. Considering this situation, sometimes it is hard to be in traditional way of referencing books since the availability of books is matter of your libraries collection as well as if you are not able to study much in home or you are mostly out it is hard to carry heavy books. For this you need to have Free Books PDF which are always with you considering you carry  smartphone with you.

      On Internet there are a lots of websites which provides Free Books PDF. There are many website which take money for that, and there are infinite websites which keep you fooling with their surveys. So we did some research. and with little work we created a website which can provide PDFs for free as well as will be easy too use.

         Our site same is EDUPDF. You can directly visit it by clicking on the name.

What this site covers?

   This site covers all course books from 11th standard to Masters Degree books including some important Entrance Exam notes as well as books

Why this site is better and different than rest of Free Books PDF roviding websites?

Because we have all books sorted with Standards, Exams, References, Subjects which  make finding your desired book or even alternative to that book extremely easy. 

What is main focused area?

India is the main focused area. But reference books can be used in any country.

Is there any fees?

No. It is absolutely Free.

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