Automatic paper stamping machine using Microcontroller


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In. MSc you will be making a project for 100 marks. This automatic paper stamping machine is a good option for that. It is a low-cost project as well as we have given full guide to including project code. You can find even circuit connection here. We have explained the whole working of the project. In many places, we find a lot of stamping works lots of papers are being stamped in one day by a person. In this project, we’re trying to solve this problem. This project is a very low budget. but have some limitations in it. which we will discuss in detail in the disadvantages section. This project will decrease man work in offices.


Components for automatic paper stamping machine – 

For automatic paper stamping machine you will need following components

  1. This project needs an IR sensor, for cost-effectiveness you can make by yourself.
  2. Microcontroller you can use any microcontroller but we are using AT89s52 microcontroller. The only major reason for choosing this IC is we are good in its coding language.
  3. Stepper motor we need enough power motor to apply enough pressure get stamped on paper.
  4. Connecting wires
  5. Other components like quartz crystals, resistors and, Capacitor.
  6. IC ULN2003 this is a motor driver IC. The microcontroller doesn’t give enough current to drive a stepper motor. so we need ULN2003 IC.

AT89s52 Microcontroller-

This microcontroller is an 8-bit microcontroller. Atmel company make this IC. This IC has 4 ports named as port1, port2, port3 and port4. All ports are bidirectional ports. The AT89s52 pins can sink 1.6mA (3.2mA for port 0) and source 60uA. Thus, if you drive significant current arrange your circuits to use current sinking. You can use other microcontrollers too. but you have to write the program for it because for AT89s52 IC’s program for this project you can get it here.

And the Datasheet of this IC here.

and you need the flash program in it. For that, you need to make a .hex file. You will need Keil software which you can download from here. 

how to flash the 8051 IC?

You can by 8051 microcontroller here.

IR sensor –

it is Infraredwave based sensor. This sensor sends infrared waves. and if they strike by obstacles it detects them and gives output according to that. The output is usually in case of high or low. It depends on manufacturing companies what they want to set for the detection of objects.

 to make an IR sensor you will need – IR LED pair, LM358 IC, Resistance and LED for output.LM358 is a comparator IC. We have given the circuit Diagram you use it and your IR sensor is ready.

to buy IR sensor Click here.


Stepper Motor –

it is a bidirectional motor. Operates on bitwise. controls giving.through UNL2003 from Microcontroller. motor is DC motors that move in steps. They have many coils that organize a group called “phases”. By energizing each phase in a sequence, the motor will rotate, one step at a time. if you interface with microcontroller. you can get desire positioning and/or speed control. Stepper motor has 4 pairs of coils to rotate the stepper motor you need to send alternate bit pattern. And you have put a delay between changing the patter. This delay decides the speed of the stepper motor.

UNL from microcontroller connection need pull up resistance. Because of Low sourcing current of the microcontroller.

To buy stepper motor click here

 ULN2003 IC –

It is a driver IC which increases the current. And stepper motor needs it. It consists of NPN Darlington pairs that feature high-voltage outputs. with common-cathode clamp diodes for switching inductive loads (motors). This IC if takes high input then it’s respective output gives the low signal and vice versa. And it requires to pull up resistance.

To buy ULN2003 IC click here.


Circuit Diagram

Automatic paper stamping machine circuit diagram

WORKING of automatic paper stamping machine

Basic Working explanation –

In the project, microcontroller AT89S52 controls the whole circuitry. Paper detected by IR sensor sends a signal to the microcontroller. Then microcontroller sends out signals to the motor driver. and the motor driver drives the stepper motor for movement of stamping arm. Used components in this project are available. 


Bringing of paper –

conveyor belt brings the paper in front of an IR sensor. When an IR sensor detects the paper and conveyor will stop. If a paper is not there background should be black to not to detect by an IR sensor. 

Detection of paper –

IR sensor will detect paper when it reaches a particular point. Background of the belt is black so IR sensor doesn’t detect it. But when a paper comes in front of an IR sensor. Paper is gets detected. 

Stamping of Paper –

Using Stepper motor We can provide vertical motion to Stamp and. then it can do stamping on paper. 


Reduces man work.

Low-cost project. 


It is slow.

Power consumption is there.

 For code of this project click here

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