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National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) has asked AIIMS to postpone its PG entrance exam which is scheduled to be held on June 11. The examination section of AIIMS has also issued a safety guideline which must be followed by everyone present on the exam center . Certain modifications in in-practice procedures have also been made by the AIIMS.

“The decision of AIIMS to conduct PG entrance exam in such a short duration is totally unjustified and it’ll put Students at risk. The pandemic is spreading at a fast rate and in such a scenario it’s foolish to put the lives of medical students in danger, ”the organization said in a statement.


“The exam center might take all the precautions but still no chances can be taken. On one hand we appreciate the doctors treating COVID-19 patients and on the other hand torturing the medical students who’ll be future doctors by putting exams first before their precious lives, ”Lokesh Chugh, National Secretary, NSUI said in the statement.

The student body has also asked AIIMS to follow the NTA which has rescheduled its most of the exam in the wake of widespread of COVID-19.

Following are the measures adopted by AIIMS for conducting the entrance exam

  • AIIMS has modified the admit card to include the declaration related to COVID-19
  • The admit card now contains a bar code for touch free entry
  • Entry in the exam hall will be time-staggered to avoid any crowding.
  • Candidates appearing for the exam will be required to wear the face mask and follow hand hygiene procedures.
  • “At registration desk, candidates’ face shall be captured by camera. Candidate shall sanitize the left thumb with alcohol-based sanitizer before and after marking attendance. The best process of marking attendance with all due sanitization and social distancing measures has been adopted at the Examination Center, “the guidelines from AIIMS said.
  • Candidates are not required to bring photograph but must carry an ID which will be verified
  • There will be a vacant seat between two candidates such that the distance between two candidates is six-feet.
  • All the seats, desk, keyboard, mouse and other components will be sanitized one-day ahead of the exam.

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